Carpet cleaning: how to clean carpet stains with shaving foam


Whether it’s the stain of a muddy paw print or a spilled drink, if carpet stains aren’t treated immediately, they can damage your floor for good, Lynsey Crombie (@lynsey_queenofclean), also known as the Queen of Clean, said the best thing to do is tackle the stain “as soon as possible”.

She spoke to about four of the best substances to use to remove carpet stains, and one of them might come as a surprise.

Lynsey explained that “white shaving foam” can be used to clean an unwanted stain if you get to it right away.

This can be a useful tip if you don’t have a carpet cleaner handy, however, you should start by testing a small patch of carpet first.

The cleaning expert said: “Get there as soon as possible and use cold water rather than hot water because hot water will set the stain further into the carpet, and you can use foam white shaving.”

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Only the plain white shaving foam is safe to use on carpets as it does not contain any dyes or emollients that could cause further staining.

On her Instagram page, Lynsey previously shared tips on how to use “inexpensive stain remover” on carpets as part of her “Tuesday Cleaning Tip” series.

She said: “Shaving cream is simply a form of whipped soap. When applied, it foams, penetrates and adds moisture to almost any stain.

“Simply use lukewarm water and a small brush or soft cloth and rub very gently into the stain for 10 minutes, then rinse.

Lynsey also shared some tips for keeping your rugs and carpets looking fresh all year round.

The TV cleaning expert has also teamed up with appliance experts at Swan to create three new products to kill bacteria, remove stubborn stains and deliver a complete floor-to-ceiling clean around the home.

She said: “Vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly and use your vacuum nozzle to work around the edges near the baseboards as this is where a line of dust can appear.

“If you have a carpet, turn it over and vacuum it inside out, as this will push out the dirt and bring back the lint.

“If you have a steam cleaner, steam it once in a while as it will remove odors and bring the pile back to life and use a carpet cleaner at least four times a year.”


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