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In decades past, men’s grooming was limited to, say, shaving and showering, without much thought. And finding an affordable, quality razor with easy access was inherently difficult. That’s what Dollar shave club was founded to fix it, and fix it, they made it very easy for guys all over the world. The brand is still focused on shaving essentials for well-groomed guys everywhere, and it’s really a club, with recurring product deliveries. However, Dollar Shave Club offers a lot more than it looks, including a wide range of grooming staples (more info in a second) and even a series of clever quirky content posts designed to delve into them. many mysteries of grooming. How does everything shake? Read our Dollar Shave Club review for the full scoop on a brand that is more than just shaving products.

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Dollar shave club
Dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club is best known for its highly efficient six-blade razors, as well as its beloved Prep Scrub, Shave Butter, and Post Shave Dew, as well as shaving gel. Beyond sharp, efficient razors, ingredients and formulas are where it counts. The well-known shave butter contains softening and soothing ingredients like grapeseed oil and bark extract, while the high-quality Post Shave Dew uses a refreshing green tea extract, among other gentle ingredients to the skin. The brand also recently introduced the Ball Spray, made in part with refreshing aloe vera (that’s exactly what it sounds like). Even the brand’s Rescue Serum, designed to fight irritated skin after shaving, is made with rejuvenating and calming extracts. The Dollar Shave Club line includes an excellent Eye Savior, with caffeine (and a refreshing ceramic applicator tip). The brand also recently launched a line of anti-dandruff products made from herbal cleansers to stroke your scalp. If you are looking for soothed and refreshed skin, Dollar Shave Club products go all out in their quest for a comfortable shave (or a comfortable, refreshed face in general).

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Dollar shave club
Dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club’s product designs are recognizable, inviting, and user-friendly, almost inviting you to take the plunge and try out a new grooming routine. The abbreviated DSC on each bottle makes it pop, while the orange, navy, and beige colors work well. Each label is easily read and easy to use, with a brief amount of information under the product title describing its purpose. I found the travel-size bottles easy to carry and useful right out of the box, and the same goes for the full-size offerings. There are also icons that indicate the product “family” of each item, from shaving to skin care. It’s a good system that makes sure you don’t confuse the products in your morning grooming routine before you rush out the door.


Dollar shave club
Dollar shave club

All the solid design and easy-to-use subscription services in the world mean nothing if your products can’t pass the mark, and here’s the good news: The entire Dollar Shave Club line is highly efficient, easy to use and easy to carry. I have used both full Dollar Shave Club product lines, including the Instantly Refreshing and Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, and recently took travel-sized items on the go to groom on the go. The brand’s beard oil, a nice product for those who often sport a full mane, softened my facial hair and immediately gave it a brilliant shine, while the brand’s famous razor and shaving butter provided a crisp, clean finish to clean thatch. Post-Shave Dew worked exactly as promised, with lightning-fast anti-irritation properties, and the Oil-Free Moisturizer (made with an incredibly helpful SPF 30 built in) nourished my face quickly and deeply. Beyond shaving, I was also impressed with the Eye Savior, a cooling gel dispensed using a ceramic applicator tip and containing caffeine for a good shake.

To consider Dollar shave club for a close shave and a calming finish, but don’t count the brand’s extremely useful line of products for A-Z grooming care.

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Dollar shave club
Dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club is all about affordability, with individual skin care products priced under $ 13 (the sun care set will set you back $ 25 for four SPF-packaged products, which is still a great deal) . It gets better from there, especially as you go through the process of answering Dollar Shave Club’s highly personalized grooming quiz. The quiz, which delves into your skin condition (dry or oily), along with other key metrics like how often you shave, determines the perfect routine for you, then offers it at your preferred frequency . Oh, and everything comes discounted whenever you need it. A package with my favorite choices (deodorant, shampoo, and shower gel, among others) costs around $ 41 every two months. You can even try the Dollar Shave Club starter set for just $ 5, then come back for more if you like what you see. Considering the range and variety of Dollar Shave Club’s product line, there are plenty of deals to be made as is quality and performance.

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