Heart Shaped Pubic Hair Shaving Guides Just Released in Japan


Stencils for intimate hair. (Photo courtesy of Bell Maison)

In Japan, where good looks are a priority for many, personal grooming is reportedly not as common as it is in the Western world. But one company is (of course) trying to change that, with new pubic hair shaving guides – available in heart, oval, rectangle, and triangle shapes.

Rocket News reports that a company called Ravia has launched a line of nylon pubic hair shaving guides that attach with grip fibers and intertwine with the bristles to hold the pattern in place. Working like a stencil, guides can help you transform your pubic hair into a Martha Stewart level craft project. Grip fibers allow you to use both hands to shave, cut or remove the hair around it, leaving the remaining hairs in the shape of the pattern.

Photo courtesy of Belle Maison

Photo courtesy of Belle Maison

The patterns also have folds which allow the shapes to be changed; for example, the heart can be folded into a small triangle.

Ravia may find it difficult to sell this product, however, according to a recent survey which showed that more than half of Japanese women leave their “under hair” (a common Japanese term for pubic hair) and do not groom it. at all. As a perspective, over 80% of American women do some sort of pubic hair grooming.

Photo courtesy of Belle Maison

Photo courtesy of Belle Maison

A thousand Japanese women between the ages of 20 and 69 took part in the survey, reports Rocket News. When asked about the density of their pubic hair, just over half of women, or 53%, replied, “They grow thick. Twenty-six percent remove hair outside the bikini line and 23 percent cut their hair.

The shaving guides are available through Japanese online retailer Belle Maison for around $ 8 and are available in traditionally feminine colors like pinks and soft blues.

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