How to demist your bathroom mirror with shaving cream

BCleaning your bathroom mirror with shaving cream prevents it from fogging up. Weird, right? While you might think bathroom fans are for that reason, take a moment to think about all the times your bathroom mirror has fogged up while the fan is running. If you want to demist your rearview mirror the right way, you’ll have to do (just a little) more than flick a switch.

Of course, if you’re not ready to pump and smear shaving cream all over your mirror – because, admittedly, it has the potential to get dirty – there are plenty of ways to combat fogging. Ahead, learn how to defog your bathroom mirror once and for all.

How to demist your bathroom mirror for good

1. Try the shaving cream hack

If you don’t want to deal with a foggy mirror at all, be proactive with the shaving cream hack (which isn’t new but is currently going viral on ICT Tac) can help. All you have to do is spray your mirror with a mixture of Dawn soap and water, gently wipe it over the mirror, and follow with a small pump of shaving cream. Buff the shaving cream in the mirror until it becomes completely clear – before asking, yes, the residue will completely disappear. And that’s all. Take your normal hot shower and experience the incredible benefits of this truly unconventional technique.

2. Spray your mirror with vinegar

While this technique may admittedly be smellier, a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar sprayed on your mirror has the same anti-fogging effect as viral shaving cream. Just spray on and wipe off with a cloth so no smudges or streaks form while it dries.

3. Run a cold shower first

Another way to prevent your mirror from fogging up is to run cold water first. It is said that it only takes 30 seconds to a minute of running cold water to lower the overall temperature in a bathroom, which will then prevent the hot water from fogging up your mirror. Of course, wasting water isn’t ideal, so only use this technique if you really like rinsing with cold water.

4. Turn on a hair dryer after showering

If the fog still manages to cover your mirror, a quick way to get rid of it is to turn a hair dryer on very low and point it at the mirror. The change in temperature will help evaporate the fog.

What if the mirror is still foggy?

Although all prevention techniques can give immediate results without fogging, they do not last long. Each application will usually only keep your mirror in pristine, fog-free condition for a few days or up to a week. But hey, considering it only takes a few minutes to perform them (if at all), we say it’s worth it to step out of your shower for a crystal-clear view of yourself. You do not agree ?

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