Lindal aerosol technology chosen by Unilever for Ax shaving products



The Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant has chosen Lindal to pack its Ax-branded men’s refrigerated shaving gel as it seeks to break into the innovation-driven global shaving cream market, which is expected to reach nearly $ 8 billion per year by 2018.

According to Philip Brand, Director of Global Marketing for the Lindal Group, “The growth of this particular segment of the personal care market is being driven by new formats and end-user experiences, as well as the demographic impact of young men aged 15 and over.

“These young men are entering the global consumer market with increasing disposable income and a growing interest in personal grooming, both in developed and emerging markets.”


The subject products that were chosen were Lindal’s BoV valves and “Wave” actuator for foam and gel products.

Lindal’s Bag-on-Valve (BoV) aerosol system is a packaging technology developed to enhance a wide range of personal care and cosmetic products, and can be sprayed evenly from all angles, with a high rate of 99% evacuation.

The product is placed inside the bag while the propellant is filled in the space between the bag and the canister. The product is then dispensed by the propellant by simply squeezing the bag when the actuator is depressed.

As a result, the mass retains its integrity and remains separate from the thruster at all times.

Innovation center

Lindal came up with the idea for these components and is completing its analysis of the global shaving market at its Global Innovation Center (GIC) in Briey, northwestern France.

“Our Briey GIC is a true center of excellence and houses our formidable arsenal of expertise and collective capacities”Brand explains.

“Our global innovation center provides customers with new levels of technical support and optimal access to our best practices and institutional knowledge. With such intense competition in the global shaving products market, this level of support represents unparalleled added value for our customers. “



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