Men’s Shaving Kit | 7 best shaving sets to buy now



With the rise and rise of facial down, the old-fashioned value of a good wet shave has been somewhat forgotten. But what goes up must come down, and we anticipate an imminent resurgence of cherubine gentleness at Chalamet’s level. Even if you don’t always rejoice smugly in your twenties, a well-shaved face provides the perfect backdrop for a shoulder-length haircut – “The Driver,” if you will.

So, in an effort to move forward, we’ve researched all of the best shaving kits on the shelves. Go grand with a traditional standing set or opt for a portable kit from one of the new players in the razor world.

The best men’s shaving kits in 2021

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The one to have fun

Barbiere razor

Acqua di Parma

£ 265.00

If you’re the type of man who treats his bathroom sink like his own private art gallery, you’ll want to add this beautiful installation from Italian grooming expert, Acqua di Parma.

The razor is made of stainless steel and sits perfectly on an acrylic stand in the brand’s unmistakable yellow hue. It is also compatible with Proglide® Fusion blades, so a precise shave is easy every time.


The vegan

Purist Three-Piece Shaving Set in Chrome and Resin


£ 167.00

In the company since 1945, Mühle has the know-how from razor to art. A seamless blend of form and function, this lacquered resin and chrome holder contains an open-blade safety razor as well as a synthetic bristle brush suitable for vegans.


The festive

Winston Holiday Gift Box

€ 28

Combining exceptional quality with attractive prices, Harry’s has become a major player in the world of razors. This festive box is an ideal shaving starter kit, placing it firmly in rock-solid gift territory. It contains the brand’s famous Winston razor, German-designed shaving cream and replacement blades.


The ecological

Safety razor kit


£ 98.00

Proving that planet-friendly design can be chic, Well Kept makes shaving essentials with a raised edge. This kit includes a signature safety razor, with a stainless steel blade and weighted handle, as well as a protective natural shaving oil and agave washcloth.

Favoring reuse over recycling, the razor is compatible with standard safety blades and designed to really go the distance.


The elegant

Shaving set and holder

Czech and spoken language

£ 450.00

Designed for the most marbled bathrooms, the stylish Czech & Speake shaving set is handcrafted in England and includes a silver tipped badger bristle brush as well as a comfortably weighted razor fitted of a Mach3 blade. The brand’s signature No.88 shaving soap sits in an aluminum jar at the base.


The traditional

Razor and brush set

Adam grooming workshop

£ 150.00

The new guard of shave brands may be innovative, but there is something to be said for a good old fashioned set. This one stays true to tradition with a shaving brush with a wooden handle and a razor with a weighted handle, presented in a stainless steel holder.


The show-off

X1 Carbon Fiber Razor & Holder Set

Bolin Webb

£ 360.00

If traditional kits aren’t your thing, Bolin Webb’s sleek design is an ultra-modern alternative.

The razor is made from the same carbon fiber as that sports car you certainly own and works with Gillette Fusion blades. Give it the showcase it deserves in the accompanying “gravity” magnetic holder.

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