Ms Hinch fans explain how to ‘banish’ pollen stains with shaving foam – ‘did the trick’


Ms. Hinch fans often share their own cleaning tips and tricks on dedicated online forums. Speaking to Ms Hinch’s Cleaning Tips page, Sarah Bossons wrote: ‘Hi, does anyone have any tips for removing lily pollen from carpets? I must have touched the lilies without realizing it. Lily pollen can stain everything from clothes and carpets to household surfaces, leaving yellow or brown marks.

Pollen stains are caused by a dusty powder that often penetrates the fibers of carpets.

They can be extremely difficult to remove, resistant to the majority of cleaning products.

If not targeted as soon as possible, some may even stay indefinitely.

Ms. Hinch fans took to the comments to share their top tips, including using shaving foam.

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“Highly recommend, bought it for £2.99 and most places are selling it.”

Ellie Ive said: “I also wanted to recommend this product, it works wonders.”

The product claims to remove spills such as red wine, coffee, juice and grease as well as other common household stains.

It comes with an integrated brush, which simplifies the cleaning process.

The product can be picked up at supermarkets as well as stores such as B&M.


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