Shave your Peach Fuzz? Here are all the products you will need


Depending on how much you have, peach fuzz shaving is one of those beauty treatments that seems more or less pointless – until you actually try it. Beloved by dermatologists, celebrities and civilians alike, shaving your peach fuzz (or dermaplaning, as it’s often more formally called) exfoliates the skin by gently removing the fine facial hair that every human possesses. What remains is smooth, supple dolphin-like skin. Make-up glides on easier and doesn’t cling to little fluff stains, making it last longer overall. Overall, it’s a technique that requires relatively little effort and offers some serious benefits.

“A lot of people are experimenting with dermaplaning at home,” Dr. Deanne Robinson, MD dermatologist, told TZR. “While it doesn’t replace the effectiveness of having it done by a trained professional in a medical setting, there are clear benefits, namely exfoliation and hair removal.” To start dermaplaning at home, you’ll need a well-lit mirror (natural light is always best), the right facial razor, and a strong aftercare product. Once achieved, pull the skin taut and use very gentle scraping motions with the razor on clean, dry skin working down in the direction of your hair growth – the same technique recommended for all types of shaving. Dr. Robinson strongly recommends using a new razor for every shave to minimize bacteria and maximize efficiency.

There are just a few things to consider, though. Never run the razor over an open wound, acne, rash or any other skin injury. The beauty of a nimble peach fuzz razor is its precision, which means you can simply avoid those areas. Pay attention to your hairline, as it’s all too easy to accidentally get jostled and end up with unexpected baldness.

Once lint-free, pat on a soothing care oil, cream or serum. Because peach down has a biological purpose (it helps regulate your internal temperature through perspiration and insulation), it’s important to pay attention to your new hairless skin immediately after shaving. Consider going makeup-free for the rest of the day and opting for soothing and hydrating products.

Below, find TZR’s top picks for the ultimate at-home dermaplaning routine.

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