The 9 best ingrown hair treatments to include in your 2022 shaving arsenal


Shaving can be a daunting task, especially if you’re someone whose 5 o’clock shadow shows up at noon every day. While many of us religiously stick to our daily shaving routine, we still have to deal with pesky ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs form when a hair grows back into your skin rather than out, and usually appears after shaving, causing inflammation and itching.

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Luckily, these best ingrown hair treatments for 2022 are all designed to revitalize your cup with powerful, skin-soothing ingredients. When incorporating these grooming products into your routine, start with a good exfoliation to cleanse the skin and deter ingrown hairs, before doubling down with the best toners. Check out the best ingrown hair treatments below.

L’Occitane Cade Soothing After Shave Balm

The key to reducing redness, rashes and razor burn? A quality aftershave balm. L’Occitane Soothing Cade of course. This soothing aftershave balm is made with shea butter, birch sap and other natural ingredients to purify your skin, preventing razor burns and nasty rashes from appearing on your mug.

Baxter of California Skin Toner

Just a little Baxter of California Aloe Vera Tonic is all you need to keep ingrown hairs at bay and get a smooth shave. Infused with essential vitamins and powerful organic ingredients, this skin toner promises healthier, revitalized skin whether you use it during your pre- or post-shave routine. We recommend using hot water for pre-shaving and cold water for the post-shaving.

Jack Black Refreshing Aftershave Gel

Besides being painful, razor burn is one of the main causes of ingrown hairs. To soothe the skin after shaving, you will need a high quality aftershave product. Jack Black’s Cooling Gel does the trick with its use of soothing natural ingredients like sage, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and aloe vera.

Bevel Renovating Balm

Avoid ingrown hairs with this helpful After-shave balm that uses tea tree oil and witch hazel to reduce irritation and calm the skin. A little goes a long way with this life changing product. Plus, it’s alcohol-free, which means you don’t have to worry about your skin drying out.

Solution for tender skin

Tend offers a quick and easy solution to bumps, razor burn, redness, irritated skin and ingrown hairs. Use it twice a day to see visible signs of improvement in your skin so you don’t have to whip out your tweezers during your routine. Wait about 48 hours (yes, that’s that fast) and so! Your skin regains its former radiance.

Gigi Bump-Free Solution

Need an affordable product for daily maintenance? We suggest using Gigi No Bump solution for your pre and post shave routine. The product is formulated with salicylic acid – an exfoliating beta hydroxy acid that seeps deep into sweat pores to give you smoother, ingrown-hair free skin.

Evagloss Razor Bump Solution

Looking for a lazy man’s solution? Quickly apply Evagloss’ soothing formula after every shave and you’ll be glowing in no time as it helps eliminate dark spots caused by dreaded ingrown hairs and razor burn. Use Evagloss Razor Bumps solution daily to say goodbye to ingrown hairs.

Clinique Men After Shave Soother

One treatment a day keeps ingrown hairs away. The aloe-rich formula of this lollipop helps relieve razor burn, leaving your freshly shaved skin feeling smooth and fresh. For best results, follow it with a moisturizer.

Aromatherapy Associates Refinery Aftershave Balm

This light and comforting balm is the perfect product for someone looking to splurge. And with soothing essential oils, your skin will thank you for lasting protection from razor burn and ingrown hairs.

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