Which women’s shaving startup is the best?


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  • Billie and Flamingo are two women’s shaving startups that make sharp, affordable razors.
  • Billie is a subscription service, unlike Flamingo. Both sell a razor for $9 to $10 with refills for $9 to $15.
  • We’ve compared the two companies so you can decide which is best for your shaving needs.

Shaving, if you choose to do so, is generally an inefficient and time-consuming process. It’s also one of those self-care habits that quietly suck money out of your wallet (for some, faster than others depending on how often you shave).

Online startups like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have brought new changes to the shaving industry by making high quality sharp razors and delivering them to your doorstep for less. Not only men used their products. Women too, but there was always a feeling that razor designs and skincare products could be better suited to women’s needs.

Two startups, Billie and Flamingo, are finally making life easier for women with their affordable shaving solutions. As the two biggest disruptors in the women’s shaving scene, they are often compared – which is better, Billie or Flamingo?

To help you decide which new women’s shaving brand is right for you, we’ve put them side by side and taken a closer look at the products they sell, how much you’ll pay, and the shaving experiences themselves.

We’ve tried both companies’ razors and body care products (you can read our Billie review here and our Flamingo review here), so we can offer our personal opinions in addition to factual details.

Check out the similarities and differences between these two women’s shaving startups below.

Buy razors and shaving products from Billie here

Buy razors and shaving products from Flamingo here


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